Adults Using More ADD Meds


We often associate ADD and ADHD with high-energy children who have a hard time sitting still or focusing. Adderall has become the go-to drug to treat this condition in children, but now it turns out that adults are flocking to the prescription medication. The pill for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is still primarily used by children, […]

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Marijuana Vending Machines

marijuana thumb2

Marijuana is already easier to get in several states, having been legalized in Colorado and Washington. Now, vending machines may make procuring pot even easier. A machine called ZaZZZ has been installed in Avon, Colorado and is the first public, automated dispenser of marijuana. Unlike the snack and soda machines we’re so familiar with, though, […]

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A New Type of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin usually refers to a peer-to-peer payment system introduced in 2009. The virtual currency is controversial, but not as controversial as the use of that same term for a new type of ecstasy. The drug Bitcoin is a hot new variant of MDMA that is popular in Europe, particularly the Netherlands and Great Britain. There […]

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Casual Marijuana Use Harmful


For decades, pro-pot groups have insisted that a little recreational use was no big deal. Now, a new study reports that casual marijuana use may have a not-so-casual effect. Researchers at Northwestern University analyzed how casual marijuana use impacts the brain and found that young adults who used cannabis just once or twice a week […]

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Liquid Nicotine Dangers


E-cigarettes seem like the safer alternative, so why are calls to poison control spiking in relation to this legal substance?

Substance abuse doesn’t always need to include illegal drugs. Even legal substances can be unsafe if misused or abused. Sometimes, problems arise even when products are used according to directions. That may be the case with the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes (or ecigs as they’re also called). As these cigarette alternatives have become more common, […]

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Addiction’s Physical Toll


Treatment can tackle the cravings, but health issues may still linger well into recovery.

Overcoming addiction is hard enough, but dealing with the lingering health issues caused by substance abuse can continue well into recovery. Depending on the drug of choice, the issues can vary. Many in treatment have a compromised immune system or struggle with other health problems that stem from years of neglect or lack of early […]

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The Dollars & Cents of Legal Pot


Now that marijuana is legal in two states, is it proving to be the moneymaker proponents expected and just who is benefitting from the profits?

Just who is the legalization of marijuana benefiting in Colorado? Is it the recreational users who have insisted their habit is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco? Is it the shops that can now sell the drug legally for recreational use? Is it the state government? Proponents would say it’s all of the above. […]

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The Ongoing Meth Epidemic


Small, rural areas continue to battle the problems brought about by this drug and its kudzu-like spread.

The meth epidemic continues, especially in hard hit rural areas where desperate people will take risks to get their hands on some quick cash. Those running illegal meth making operations are known to offer locals money to go buy pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in over-the-counter cold meds that meth cooks use to make their product. While […]

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Breaking Bad’s Influence?


A college student at Arizona State faces multiple charges for manufacturing ecstasy in his room.

The popular cable series about a teacher-turned-meth manufacturer has ended, but its legacy lives on, providing dangerous inspiration for entrepreneurial college students. Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives recently uncovered an Ecstasy manufacturing operation in the apartment near campus, according to officials. The find happened innocently enough, after a DPS Highway Patrol officer stopped a […]

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DEA Chief Speaks Out About Legal Pot


The decriminalization of marijuana in the US continues to be a divisive issue.

When Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana, it led to a lot of joking on social media and the late night talk shows, but one high ranking government official doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter. The DEA’s Chief of Operations James L. Capra called the legalization of marijuana at the state level “a bad experiment” […]

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