Rx Drug Ring at High School


Officials have arrested students at a Pennsylvania high school for selling prescription painkillers on campus.

Prescription drug abuse may have started as a problem for the older crowd, but as these substances grew in availability and were discovered to be cheaper than street drugs like heroin or cocaine, younger individuals began misusing these powerful meds.

A Pennsylvania school is under investigation for a student-led drug ring involving prescription medications like OxyContin. Luzerne County Eyewitness News reported on the prescription drug investigation involving students at Crestwood High School in Mountain Top, PA. Three individuals, two still in their teens, face drug charges for selling prescription pills inside Crestwood High School.

Wright Township police confirmed that they are investigating the selling of various prescription drugs at Crestwood High School. All students involved are seniors and are 18 years old or older. The students are reportedly cooperating as are district officials.

One reason for the huge spike in teens abusing prescription painkillers is that the drugs are readily available and often as near as the bathroom medicine cabinet. Many adults don’t keep track of the medications in their homes, so it is easy for a few pills to go missing. This case is a good reminder for parents to be more vigilant in monitoring their medications and their teens.

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Wendy Lee Nentwig

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